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These are links to some favourite sites:

Gloria's husband, Doug is the Director of Ark Aid Street Mission 

Gloria's daughter, Diane is a professional writer at Diane Whitelaw.com

Gloria has played at two of London's finest restaurants:

Idlewyld Inn and Michael's on the Thames

Gloria is active in Dorchester Community Church

BeyondBusiness.ca is an umbrella which serves as a web portal for services being developed locally by the self-employed and small business community. Included in this definition are local artists and musicians.

Family Shows Canada is a local company providing event and promotion planning for whom Gloria has played.

Gloria is a member of the Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada.

GlobalLight Projects is an exciting new charity to help people in the developing world run by Gloria's husband and several friends.

PowerOut challenges teens to give up their gadgets for a day to raise money to help electrify a school in Africa.

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